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Bamboo and Benjamins? Just Reduced Property That is Good for the Earth and the Bottom Line

Did you know that growing bamboo reduces greenhouse gases and can create 35% more oxygen than the same amount of trees?  One of the Apollo Realty featured properties has more than 30 Species of Bamboo and has just been reduced for sale. It is believed that if bamboo were planted on a mass basis, it could completely reverse the effects of global warming in just 6 years, ... Read More ›

Zillow Trulia Apollo Realty

The Rx about why Zillow and Trulia data can’t be trusted

Trusting data from Zillow is like trusting instead of visiting a doctor.  Doctors cringe when a patient says: “according to  I have a cold…” just like we cringe when a client says: “ says the house is worth $50K more…”  We cringe because we know that Zillow and Trulia data is inaccurate and out of date, while the MLS system we rely upon is ... Read More ›


Beware of renting through Craigslist…

There are lots of viable rental properties available on Craigslist, but beware of the rising number of scammers. A typical scam happens when someone steals a picture of a home for sale from another website, then lists the house using those photos on Craigslist as a house for rent. The scammer makes up a story about being out of state and requests the renter wire funds via ... Read More ›


The benefits of hiring Apollo Realty for property management

Many clients utilize our services because they simply don’t have the time, energy or desire to manage their own investment property or deal with the day-to-day tenant issues. If you’d prefer not to get a phone call at 2:00 am about a leaking water heater or an A/C Unit that has stopped working, this program is designed for you. Some are investors and are located many ... Read More ›